SANS TITRE POUR LUI, or POUR LUI for short, means "to him" in French and is endowed with the Chinese name "PU LYU". Based on fashion aesthetics, it is a male underwear brand, characterized by high quality and comfort. With many series of products covering home, commuting and sports, POUR LUI perfectly combines fashion aesthetics into comfortable life, advocating a light and exquisite lifestyle and redefining luxury. POUR LUI stands for the beauty of men's bodies from the perspective of "self-confidence". In POUR LUI, "he" represents modern men who are both restraining and brave enough to show their charm.
As the name suggests, ANONYMOUS is intended to express the meaning of “you can be anyone”. It coincides with the “Untitled” concept of the main brand and a complete underwear solution is provided for customers of different size ranges and different body shapes.

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